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New Beginnings is owned by a husband and wife team, Kevin and Keara Everley. Keara has a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders and holds a Kentucky State License and Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as a Speech and Language Pathologist. She has worked for the First Steps program and in pediatric home health since the Fall of 2007 and has had the opportunity to impact and empower numerous children and their families. She will be able to offer a fresh, in-depth, honest, first hand point of view into the pros and cons of working for First Steps and/or pediatric home health and the unique opportunities that this job provides. Kevin Everley graduated in May of 2009 from Eastern Kentucky University with a Master’s of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (a mixture of Human Resources and Business Management). He has designed training programs for the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training and Eastern Kentucky University’s Human Resource Department. He has also worked for the Kentucky Department of Substance Abuse and the Bluegrass Army Depot conducting validity studies and creating job analyses. Kevin and Keara are the proud parents of a  2 year old girl and 6 year old boy. Their son has received weekly occupational therapy. As a result, they have seen the efficiency and positive effects of in-home pediatric therapy and wanted to be further involved. As a family, they are very thankful to God for the amazing opportunity to own and operate their own business for the greater good of others.

At New Beginnings Therapy Services we strive to put our therapists first. We are always available for questions, concerns, or problems that may arise. We will provide the therapist that work with our company test materials, comprehensive billing services, meeting reminders, professional liability insurance, and human resource services, among other services. In addition, our therapists benefit from the experience and advice of co-owner Keara Everley. Keara is a subject-matter expert in that she has worked for First Steps and in Pediatric Home Health as a Speech and Language Pathologist since 2007. At New Beginnings we value integrity, honesty, a drive for excellence, strong work ethics, family friendliness, confidentiality and professional excellence. We also strive to obtain these values in our personal and business life. We try to demonstrate our “therapist first” mind set by the compensation and benefits that we offer our therapists.

Currently we have contracts that allow us to cover the entire state of Kentucky! We have the most concentration of pediatric home health contracts in central Kentucky, but again we do serve the entire state.

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New Beginnings is a family owned and operated business. Owners, Kevin and Keara Everley have the experience and education needed to support their therapist’s needs. They have first hand experience from a parent’s perspective as their son received weekly Occupational Therapy through First Steps and continues to receive services through home health. Keara Everley is a certified Speech and Language Pathologist and has first hand experience with First Steps and home health as a working therapist. Kevin Everley graduated as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist from EKU, which has given him both education and experience in the field of human resources. Together, this husband-wife team has all the key ingredients for a successful therapist and family-first business: education, experience and first hand perspective.

How does it all work? We have multiple contracts therapists can choose from, especially in the central Kentucky area. First Steps is one of our biggest contracts.

First Steps is a state-wide early intervention program that provides services for children birth to three years of age who are identified as having a developmental delay. First Steps offers comprehensive services through a variety of community agencies and service disciplines and is administered by the Department for Public Health in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. New Beginnings is proud to partner with the First Steps program in enabling and empowering therapists to provide early intervention services to this specific age range throughout the state of Kentucky. Our role as a company working with First Steps is to provide test materials, comprehensive billing and human resource services to our therapists. We also remove the burden of billing paperwork, private insurance credentialing, coding, and stressful cutoffs. An added benefit is that our therapists will not have to spend countless hours at home inputting billing data- services which First Steps does not reimburse therapist’s for since you are only paid by First Steps for time spent in direct therapy. In essence, we are a useful conduit from First Steps to the therapists. It should be noted that those working for New Beginnings will sign a contract both with our company and with First Steps. This unique employment relationship has the benefit of each therapist being their “own boss” while benefiting from both New Beginnings and First Steps. Essentially, this means each therapist has the freedom to set their own hours, days of the week they want to work, areas/counties served, caseload size and severity. What other company can offer you these incentives?

We also have several other home health contracts in the central KY area in which we provide pediatric speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. These contracts work very similarly to our First Steps contract in that therapy is provided in the patients home, each therapist makes their own schedule and decides which counties they will serve, each therapist also decides their caseload size and does not have to worry about billing. Therapists will still benefit from our billing and human resource expertise as well as our library of test materials when providing pediatric home health. Essentially, the only differences are how documentation is entered, payment, and length of visits (visits are typically shorter in duration, more frequent, and payment per visit is typically higher).

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